Our products are made from quality materials made by the skilled hands of designers in Bali. Balinese traditional touches and modern are the main magnets in our products

Made to Order

Apart from providing a wide variety of products in the shop. We also accept orders according to your request.

Best Quality

All items in Buki Bali are made of quality materials at the best prices

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Almost all of the items available are guaranteed and safe in delivery

Welcome to Buki Bali

Bali has been renoy for it’sned to the world, not only for its scenic beauty, but also for its excellent craftsmanship conforming to the of craftsmanship, Buki Bali crafts many kinds of Balinese traditional, such as antiques, ceramics,decorative and garden lamps, sculptures, and many more exterior and interior goods.

Bring aesthetics into your life through Buki Bali’s interior and exterior arts. Buki Bali provides made-to-order demands of any shapes and size in wholesale or retail purchases.

Buki Bali provides complete variety of materials and by doing so, therefor, it makes Buki Bali’s clients meet their needs easily.

If you are looking for artworks for both exterior and interior, then Buki Bali is the perfect place to find your needs. By providing interior and exterior goods, Buki Bali gives your satisfaction and shopping experience. The place is spacious and complete while providing enjoyment on a shopping tour. What are you waiting for? Let’s visit our shop and shop for the items you need

Garden Collections

Garden Collections

Many thing Garden Art Collection

Bathtub Collections

Stone Art Collections

Stone Art Collection in Bali Buki like was Bathtubs, Countertop Stone, Natural Stone Sinks & Stone Basins, Countertop Stone Sinks etc

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Statue Collections

Bathroom Collections

Garden Collections

Lamp Collections

Souvenir Collections

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